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Pica8 PicOS - 10/40GbE Switch (L2+L3+OpenFlow) - Bundle License (perpetual)

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2.462,78 €


  • Network operation system using user space standard Debian Linux environment
  • Leverage vast array of standard Linux tools as a common management and operations framework
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) functionality coupled with ONIE delivers a true bare metal to application environment.
  • Rich Layer-2 protocol stack with MLAG, seamlessly integrating into existing architectures
  • Full Layer-2 & Layer-3 ACL support
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Static Routing


  • Rich OSPF and BGP protocol stacks integrating into existing spine / leaf architectures
  • IPv6 routing protocol support (OSPFv3, MBGP)
  • Multicast PIM support
  • NAT (depends on ASIC support)
  • VXLAN network virtualization (depends on ASIC support)


  • Leading OpenFlow 1.4 support through OVS 2.3
  • Deliver true seamless migration to SDN through CrossFlow mode (Layer-2 / Layer-3 and OpenFlow simultaneously)
  • Leveraging OpenFlow to control MPLS, GRE, NVGRE or VXLAN tunnels, delivering on the promise of open programmability
  • Support for all major OpenFlow controllers (for example: OpenStack Neutron ML2, OpenDaylight, Ryu)
Modellnummer P-OS-10G-Bundle
Gruppe -
Typ License
Betriebssystem Linux
Verwendung 10/40GbE
Update/Support in Jahren -
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